The Next Evolution in Mobile Game Publishing

Lean back while we make your game reach top of the charts


The growth partner for your mobile F2P games.



Improve your marketing campaign ROIs, scale & cash flow

  • UA Funding & Campaign Management

  • Ad Creatives & ASO


Maximize your game’s potential before Global Launch

  • UA Tests

  • Creative Tests & ASO


Supercharge your game’s retention and monetization

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Infrastructure

  • Ads Optimization

  • Ongoing LTV Support

    • Player Research, Design Analysis, Balancing Feedback, Competitor Analysis, Roadmap feedback, Economy Design, UI/UX feedback, Game Data Analysis, Design Workshop & FTUE optimization

  • Live Ops Support and Optimisation

    • Tracking Infrastructure, Cross Promotion, Custom Live Ops, Segmented Offers, AB tests, On Demand Design Support & Machine Learning

SUPER flexible models

All services with performance based fees  We take our cut only when we increase your NET profits & uplift your revenue

User Acquisition with NET ROI in mind  Our UA team is incentivized to maximize your campaign return of investment

100% White Label  No need for app or bank account transfers at any stage

SUPER tailored services

LTV Support — Get sage level advice on improving your games LTV as part of every long term partnership

Live Ops — We super charge your live ops monetization for a % of profits from the uplift we generate

Analytics Infrastructure — Harness your player data for a monthly flat fee


What type of games can we work with?

  • Genre and theme doesn't matter - we're omnivores

  • Free to Play Mobile Games for iOS, Android & Steam

  • Game is Live Globally for SUPERSCALE UA

  • or in Soft Launch for SUPERSCALE INCUBATION

  • You have a SUPER game


Combined strengths

  • BoomBit has a culture of building games since 2012

  • Proven Cellense UA and Analytics Infrastructure & an expert UA team

  • Over 50 person team taking care of your game’s growth

  • SUPERSCALE leadership team coming from decades of publishing experience from working at companies like Rovio, Tilting Point, wooga, Gameloft, Ubisoft & EA.